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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Jesus Came Between Us

Jesus came between us a few days ago.

I sit and watch you brood – about what?

I guess... I will never know.

It has always been my greatest fear.

Living with your echoes of emptiness.

You always make sure I hear.

You mumble to yourself – shake your head.

Refuse to communicate out loud.

And always leave the loving words unsaid.

You make it very hard to forgive.

Still, I begin each new day happy.

It is how I choose to live –

You’re mostly vigilant on the razor's edge.

Letting anger come between us.

I’m done, my love – now, Jesus drives the wedge.


  1. This is an astute observation of how intricate the dynamics are, in relationships.......with anyone, really. I love that the narrator starts her day happy regardless.

  2. It is the only beginning worth getting up for...

  3. I admire the speaker's determination to begin each day happy, even if it's difficult to forgive.

  4. Luv the staff of life in this poem. Joy in every new day.


  5. Love that song. And the sad saga, too familiar to me ("living with your echoes of emptiness"). Yet it's also a triumph when we tend to our selves--without soul health we cannot do much for others.

  6. It's not worth clinging onto someone who doesn't care about our happiness. Starting over sounds good to me.

  7. "Living with your echoes of emptiness."---So daunting a space and so full of agony. But I love the speaker's choice of happiness over misery. Definitely this new path has its own reward as indicated by the final line.

  8. It is not easy starting out each day happy with Jack Nicholson from the 'Shining ' sitting in your kitchen:) Good luck!

  9. one can only look to one's own choices - to find our own happiness and contentment, as well as peace - although, as indicated in the voice of the poem, it's never easy, and becomes very soul/spirit depleting.

    I really liked the voice and cadence of this poem, as well as the unique phrasing, it carries weight and power.

  10. I am sure she copes because she feels strong and supported in her belief and she may have another friend to talk to tomlet it all out, perhaps decide it's her life to live regardless.

  11. You make sure I hear- that is so true.. people can communicate the sound of their emptiness and drag all others into it.

  12. In the end, the only person who can make us happy is ourselves.


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