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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Jesus Came Between Us

Jesus came between us a few days ago.

I sit and watch you brood – about what?

I guess... I will never know.

It has always been my greatest fear.

Living with your echoes of emptiness.

You always make sure I hear.

You mumble to yourself – shake your head.

Refuse to communicate out loud.

And always leave the loving words unsaid.

You make it very hard to forgive.

Still, I begin each new day happy.

It is how I choose to live –

You’re mostly vigilant on the razor's edge.

Letting anger come between us.

I’m done, my love – now, Jesus drives the wedge.

Friday, January 4, 2019


Warm smooth basalt stones,
processed by natures stresses;
now line a stressed spine.

Photo: Source

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

An Ornate Silver Bowl

Lovers gazing at the sea and each other.
Bringing on a sense of calm.
Busy minds quickly silenced.
Meditating to shorebird psalms.
Sun-kissed skin soothed
By the warmth of its healing balm.
Floating away the lovely day.
In a passionate tranquil sea.
Slowly the perfect day started to fade away.
Flowing shades of coral essence…
Sauntered across the sky.
A panoramic dying day…
Vanished before our eyes.
Crescent moon minister…
Bonfire flames vigil’s light…
Honoring the day's memories
Burning well into the night.
His weak hands reached out to give me the bowl. “I want you to have it.”
He whispered as a tear flowed from his eye.
“I couldn’t possibly buy it it means so much to you.”
 I murmured. “You took the time to listen to an old man grumble”
he replied. “I don’t need it – I will be with her one day soon”
he sighed with a smile.

He stared into the silver bowl and remembered.
The day a lifetime of love started blooming.
Amongst the tarnish in the bottom of the bowl.
His reflection showed a sunset looming.

Photo: Unsplash

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