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Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Kiss

Have you kissed a lion’s face?
Maybe one that’s unaware…
His tears seem so out of place.
I’ve had the lion’s share…
I know he wishes he’d been there more.
For his granddaughter along the way.
Wishes you hadn’t heard him roar…
When there were words left to say.
Most of the time we are right here…
With the living — until we slip away.
Until we feel the overwhelming feeling, you’re near.
I can’t help but think… you kissed a lion’s face today.

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For Lauren the lion, we love and miss you so much!


  1. Oh Vicki....this is beautiful. It touched my heart! She is missed so much and I too understand the feeling of regret when we have lost someone so dear. That last line is wonderful!! So glad to see you at the Muse today. I have missed you my Poetry Partner.

  2. Oh, that brush with the overwhelming. Heartbreaking.

  3. The old lion, roaring when instead he should purr. I really liked "His tears seem so out of place, / I've had the lion's share..." The lion's pride can result in a failure to admit fault but there is forgiveness in the kiss especially one that is given unaware.

  4. She is a bright angel now, though sadly missed. Yes, there are tears for words unsaid. Sigh.

  5. Vicki, so tender and bittersweet! {{{{{HUGS}}}}}


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